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Top 5 Reasons To Go To EXP.22 | Experimental Photography Festival in Barcelona Spain

Experimental Photography – as its name suggests, is defined as using non-traditional techniques upon Photography. This includes anything from, altering darkroom developments, playing with camera settings or usage and making Art Collages.

EXP.21 took experimentation to the next level.... and then some! EXP. 21 explored new depths, new boundaries, fresh, innovative experiments and unbelievable techniques. My experience at EXP.21 was one of the most enriching moments of my life. Today I'm going to share 5 reasons fellow experimental photographers should come to EXP. 22 in July!

During EXP. 21, I hosted two workshops on Polaroid & instant film collaging. Taught participants how to microwave Polaroids and start the process of a Polaroid Decay. I collaborated on multiple projects, posed for new friends and took a few courses on instant film experimentation.

At Experimental Photography Festival you go above and beyond traditional photography in ways you never thought imaginable! Below are a few artists that blew my mind!

Lynn Bierbaum @lynn_bierbaum specializes in wet plate collodion and ambrotypes on blown glass.

Felicita Russo (@felicitarusso) specializes in instant film, light painting and cameraless photography.

Ricardo Guixà (@ricardoguixa) creates art through electricity. He lets the current go through photographic material and create well planned aesthetic patterns.

Irina Chernikova ( specializing in photosensitivity and chemigrams.

5 reasons fellow experimental photographers should come to EXP. 22 in July!

  1. Connect With Like-Minded Photographers! Photographers gather in Barcelona, July 20-24th, from all over the world! Each photographer connected by their love of experimental photography. Each with the desire to explore new crafts and collaborate with like minds. On EXP. 22 website you will see: 50 artists. 400 participants. 50 volunteers. 14 workers. 40 conferences. 80 workshops. 14 portfolio review. 5 conceptual exhibitions. 3 places.1 summer camp. 1 home, Barcelona.

  2. Get Inspired! More than 400 international artists and photography lovers will meet with the aim of creating a common space to share, learn and discuss experimental photography in its many facets: from the creation of cameras, lenses, and films to printing processes, intervention, and production of copies, exhibitions and photobooks. With so many beautiful minds to meet and become friends with, there will be a lot to learn and get inspired from. To further inspire the creative process, there will be a few curated experimental photography exhibitions that will be sure to blow your mind!

  3. Learn New Techniques & New Ways Of Thinking! 50 talented experimental photographers will be hosting beginner and professional level workshops in their field of experimentation. EXP.22 in a 4 day event of non-stop learning, experimenting, and creating. Learn Polaroid collaging, film soup double exposures, lighting painting, wet plate collodion, ambrotypes, cyanotype, long exposure, pinhole, cameraless photography and more! Learn online, year round, with Agora. Ágora is EXP's experimental photography online school! Agora was created so the experimental photography community can be connected throughout the year. It's not a typical school but it's based on the three challenges proposed on the catalog of EXP.21 and that will articulate our reflection and our practice for the next years: mixing techniques, finding the message, and working in community.

  4. Explore! Explore new dimension in your work by exploring new techniques, fresh ideas, and new perspectives. Explore new artists, their work, their ideas and grow from your own inspiration. Explore the area!.. the culture, the food, the people, the history! A festival on experimental photography is a great place to explore outside of your comfort zone, in a safe place with encouraging artists.

  5. Share! In a close, experimental photo community, EXP. 22 has multiple opportunities to share your ideas, your work and your thoughts. From online exhibitions, artist open calls, and photobook open calls. Follow on Instagram for updates and opportunities.

Friends tickets sale is available! SO grab your experimental photography bestie, and we will see you in Barcelona!

A collage of special memories during EXP.21 last year. Looking forward to another exciting year with the experimental photo family!

<3 Erin Delsigne - Film Collage Artist

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