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Artist Statement

I create instant film collages using Polaroid and Fuji Instax film. Whether it’s psychedelic landscapes or surreal portraiture, the subject matter of my collages is Nature.

Each piece connects nature with healing to provide a unique perspective into the realm of living with a mysterious illness. My experiences are both a source of pain and joy – my source of inquiry and inspiration. They are what I tap into when creating my art.

I am interested in creating space and distance that feels like the familiar world around us but is ambiguous and abstracted to represent both: isolation and room for growth in insulation.

My process revolves around decontextualized experiences to ultimately reconstruct a surrealist message. For me, collage photography is a way of creating art that speaks to a universal human condition; lacking empathy to chronic illness by natural human instinct.

The utilization of experimental instant film techniques not only enhances my story themes but also play into the risk of suddenness, reliability and stability seen throughout my work.

I capture my polaroids on a custom converted Mamiya Universal Press with a Rezivot back; allowing me to photograph with i-Type, Sx-70 and 600 Polaroid films.

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