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Film Collage Artist Presents: The Red Rose Project with the Polaroid Go.

In today’s society, female form and femininity are often overlooked and under-appreciated. We are consistently bombarded with images of female bodies that have been airbrushed to perfection, leading us to believe that this is the only acceptable form of beauty. However, the truth is that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and it is important for women to feel sexy and confident in their own skin.

The female form is a beautiful thing, and it is important to celebrate it in all of its shapes and sizes. Women should be empowered to feel sexy and confident in their own skin, without feeling pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards. It is important for us to accept and embrace our flaws, and to recognize that we are all unique and beautiful in our own way.

Feeling sexy is an important part of being a woman. It is important to recognize that feeling sexy is not just about how we look, but also how we feel. We should be encouraged to appreciate our bodies and to feel empowered to express ourselves in whatever way we choose. Whether that is through fashion, makeup, or simply feeling comfortable in our own skin, feeling sexy should always be a priority.

We should all strive to create a society that celebrates the female form and encourages women to feel confident and sexy. By creating a space where women can express themselves freely and without judgement, we can help empower more women to feel sexy and confident in their own skin.

Let’s celebrate the female form and all of its beauty! Calling all women to pose for The Red Rose Project A large Polaroid Go Surrealism project.

Casting all women, all ages, all body types. How do you feel sexy? For the most important reason of all!... Yourself!

<3 Film Collage Artist, Erin Delsigne

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