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June 2021, Film Collage Artist, Erin Delsigne, will be embarking on a month long art residency at Chateau Orquevaux based in France. 


An art residency is an opportunity for an artist to be pulled out of thier normal life, to focus on their work without distractions. Often time artists take this opportunity to focus on completeing solo exhibitions, large projects or new techinques. 


Cat's out of the bag, Film Collage Artist will be working on a big, international and interactive photomoasic installation while in France for her residency. On top of other various projects like continuing work on her first solo exhibition series and creating new work. 

Here's how you can help! 
The following  film is needed in large amounts. 

- Polaroid Go
- Color I-Type

- Polaroid 600 


Also needed is:
- SX-70

- Instax Square

- Instax Wide


A box of film ranges from $20-$25 per box (8 shots) 


To donate more, simply add more to your cart. :) 
Or you can also send donations to @Erin-Jake on Venmo!

Here is an Amazon Wishlist for those who prefer to donate by sending film directly! 



Art Residency Donations

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